What to do in Bordeaux when you like wine ?

Bordeaux, also known as “The Sleeping Beauty”, “The Aquitaine Perl” or also “The Marvelous City”, but if something is really true about Bordeaux it’s that’s this city loves wine. A lifelong passion for 2 century and continues more than ever today. That’s a fact, Bordeaux loves wine, and you can feel it. But most of the visits or the wine tasting are in the vineyard, on the edge of Bordeaux, how to embrace this wine culture when we can’t go see the vineyard or if we want to stay inside the city ? We we’ll give you some of our best address to know what to do in Bordeaux when you like Wine.

I-/ The Cité du Vin

The Cité du Vin has been opened in 2016, since it has been a major activity around wine in the city of Bordeaux. With more than 400k visitors per year, this project from 2009 keep it’s promises.

A total of 3000m² (32291,73 sqft) are dedicated around the celebration of the wine culture that blazing Bordeaux. From the expositions to the wine bar, the Cité du Vin offers a complete experience that will delight every types of wine lovers.

What to do in Bordeaux: Cité du Vin

Ticket: 20 euros (adult)

More informations on the official website.

Cité du Vin

134 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

II-/ Bordeaux River Cruise

Except wine, what can we use to describe Bordeaux ? The Garonne ! The Bordeaux River Cruise company offer you to link passion of wine to its river throughout exceptional oenological cruise. With your family, friends, or just as a couple, you will find a cruise for you. The Bordeaux River Cruise company also offers dinner and discovery cruise.

With its different cruise you will enjoy Bordeaux while starting from the quays.

What to do in Bordeaux: Bordeaux River Cruise

Ticket: starting from 21 euros

More informations on the official website.

Bordeaux River Cruise

2 Quai des Chartrons , 33000 Bordeaux

III-/ Musée du Vin et du Négoce

You wish to learn more about wine from every of its aspects ? Go visit the Musée du Vin et du Négoce, this 300-years-old building built originally for an Irish wine merchant host now an exposition that follows the history of wine throughout the ages. There you will be able to visit the museum, do tastings, join masterclass. Very appreciated and recommended by the visitors for the variety of the manners to discover the museum and its history, it’s now our time to recommend this museum if you desire to know more about wine.

Musée du Vin et du Négoce, Bordeaux

Ticket: starting from 7 euros

More informations on the official website.

Musée du Vin et du Négoce

41, rue Borie, 33300 Bordeaux

IV -/ School of Wine

You can tell by its name that the School of Wine is going to teach us something, but, unlike a museum, this time you will practice. The school offers many workshops for every levels, from rookie to experts to refine your knowledge about wine. You want to know how to find the perfect wine to associate to your cheese ? They have a workshop for that. Discover new aromas from Bordeaux wine ? They have a workshop for that. The workshops are all more each more interesting than the others, so don’t hesitate. Furthermore, the school offers a special price for students, so that everyone will have an access to these knowledge.

School of Wine, Bordeaux

Starting price: 26 euros

More informations on the official website.

School of Wine

1 cours du 30 Juillet, 33000 Bordeaux

V -/ Les Trois Pinardiers

We couldn’t conclude this article without talking about a wine bar. In Bordeaux you can find a ton of wine bar, all extremely qualitative. Today, we are going to present a bar that have picked up our attention. Les Trois Pinardiers is a quite special wine bar. Managed by 4 persons, Quentin, Louis, Simon and Nicolas, this bar own 100 different wine in total, 3 of them are changing every month. These wines comes from everywhere in the world, Italy, Macedonia, Hungary, Lebanon but also from France. These 100 wines are rigorously selected from more than 3 600 different bottles to offers a unique experience throughout you senses.

Les Trois Pinardiers Wine Bar Bordeaux

More informations on the official website

Les Trois Pinardiers

2 rue Georges Bonnac, 33000 Bordeaux

With these adress we do hope that you will know what to do in Bordeaux to embrace the wine culture of the city fully.