Organization of the Africa-France 2020 summit in Bordeaux

Announced by the President of the Republic during his speech in Ouagadougou in November 2017, the 28th Africa-France Summit will take place on 4, 5, and 6 June 2020 in Bordeaux.

Official banner of the Africa-France 2020 summit

Rethinking urbanization

The main theme of this summit will be urbanization, how to develop cities in a sustainable way. With Africa’s population expected to triple by 2050, how can we best prepare the ground knowing that at present, half of Africa’s urban areas of 2030 are not even built yet?

This 28th summit will be the first opportunity to associate economic players with the political vision. 54 heads of state are expected, 2,000 French and international journalists are invited, 500 international media, and more than 50 firm commitments will be made.

City of solutions

The Cité des solutions is a 50,000 square meter trade show. Hundreds of companies from France and Africa will be there to present their solutions to meet future urban challenges. From the supply of basic services to urban agriculture and even urban arts, the diversity of projects will be on display.  A total of 500 French actors are expected, 15,000 actors from the sustainable city will be invited and 150 speakers will lead this city of solutions.

A political summit but also a moment of gathering

In parallel to these political highlights, various festivities will be held to recall the richness of the sharing and the social ties maintained by both parties. The two main events will be represented by a concert of urban music on the Place des Quinconces as well as a football match at the Matmut Atlantique stadium between an African and a French selection.

For a better world

The purpose of this gathering is to fight against problems of overpopulation, sustainable development and even ecology. Problems which, if not solved in time, can have serious consequences for the rest of the planet.

More informations on the official website.

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